Sharing the Planet

Can you believe we are already in our second last Unit of Inquiry of the school year – Sharing the Planet. The students are always excited for this UOI and are already eagerly researching for their final project.

Central Idea: Many factors affect the survival of living creatures.

Lines of Inquiry

  • Life Cycles
  • Habitats
  • Adaptations

Key Concepts: Change, Connection, Responsibility
Learner Profile: Caring, Principled, Balanced
Attitudes: Appreciation, Empathy, Curiosity

Questions to ponder….

How do the needs of animals change as they go through their life cycle?
How do people affect the habitat and life cycle of animals?
How does nature affect the habitat and life cycle of animals?
Why should people care about animals?

Who We Are

Central Idea

Humans have rights & responsibilities
to maintain communities.

Lines of Inquiry

  • Quality of Life
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Roles & Responsibilities

Key Concepts:  Responsibility, Perspective, Connection
Learner Profile: Open-Minded, Caring, Reflective
Attitudes: Respect, Empathy, Tolerance

Where We Are in Place and Time

Central Idea

Life in a country is shaped by many factors.

Lines of Inquiry

  • geographical regions
  • economic factors
  • cultural diversity in communities

Key Concepts: Form, Causation, Connection

Learner Profile: Thinker, Communicator, Knowledgeable

Attitudes: Appreciation, Tolerance, Curiosity

How We Express Ourselves

Central Idea

People communicate emotions and values through writing.

Lines of Inquiry

  • Purpose of Writing
  • Forms of Writing
  • Impact of Writing.

Key Concepts: Reflection, Perspective, Form
Learner Profile: Communication, Reflective, Risk Taker
Attitudes: Creativity, Appreciation, Independence

How We Organize Ourselves

Central Idea: Different factors influence the design & function of structures.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • measurement and geometry
  • effectiveness of various materials and designs

Key Concepts: function, causation, reflection

Learner Profile: thinker, risk taker, inquirer

Attitudes: commitment, integrity, cooperation

Websites to Access at Home

We use a lot of different ‘School Approved’ websites – some of these can be accessed at home. Here are just a few:

Grade 3 at a Glance:  Learn Alberta’s guide to what happens in Grade 3

Mathletics:  This is a great website!  I can monitor student use from behind the scenes and assign different challenges based on need, and what is being studied in class. Each student has their own log-in.

The following two links are through Learn Alberta’s Online Reference Center.  It is an amazing resource, full of information for all subject areas and grades.

User Name: LA17
Password: 5137
Online Reference Centre tab
  1. CultureGrams: Supports our study of the world and 4 countries – Peru, India, Tunisia, and Ukraine
  2. World Book:  Supports our study of the world and 4 countries – Peru, India, Tunisia, and Ukraine
Other Learn Alberta Websites we will refer to in Grade 3 include:
  • Amazing Animals of the World
  • Book Flix
  • Brain Pop Jr.
  • National Geographic Kids
  • Pebble Go
  • PowerKnowledge: Earth and Space Science
  • PowerKnowledge: Life Science
  • True Flix