Grade 5

Welcome to the Grade 5 class page.

Our current unit of inquiry is under the theme, How the World Works. Our guiding statements will be:

Central Idea: Energy is used for a variety of purposes

Lines of Inquiry:

  • nature of energy
  • consumers and conservers
  • transformation of energy

During our investigation, we will be looking at Electricity and Magnetism and how these are used in our daily lives, and how to build basic circuits to control various functions. Our humanities will delve into forms and writing poetry, understanding, communicating, and developing narrative stories.

This unit is where students will participate in the Tournament of Books. Students choose an appropriate level book to read, understand and defend to the student body, why their book should continue, to become ‘Book of the Year.’ You can access our link here: Tournament of Books 2017

We will also develop our understanding of puberty and human reproduction.

Human sexuality portal-presented by Alberta Health Services

Online references

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