2016 PAT Preliminary Results

Dear MCS Community,

Each year our grade 6 students take the required Alberta Provincial Achievement Tests in June.  All schools across the province have been asked to release our general results to our community members today (October 7, 2016).

These tests are used by our MCS staff in two ways:

  1. to give us an overall picture of our programme for improvement initiatives and;
  2. to provide valuable information to support our grade 7s and 8s before moving onto high school.

The examination of this data involves not only a look at our last year’s grade 6 class, but five year trends.  Having a broader approach allows a greater number of students to be sampled and generally is more valid data source. With this in mind, we also understand that one day, one test, is not always a valid measurement of a student’s abilities.

We look forward to sharing a further breakdown of our results at our November School Council meeting should you be interested in learning more about our results and our plans for improvement.

Just in case you have not seen these results before, Acceptable is where students generally score in the  upper 50% of the students taking the test with Excellence representing those students demonstrating generally the top 20% in Alberta.

2015-2016 PAT Results

  2015-2016 MCS MCS

5 Year Average

2015-2016 Province
English Language Arts 100% Acceptable (A)

30% Excellence (E)

90% A

22% E

82% A

20% E

Math 85% Acceptable

15% Excellence

90% A

7% E

72% A

14% E

Science 90% Acceptable

20% Excellence

92% A

16% E

78% A

27% E

Social Studies 85% Acceptable

15% Excellence

88% A

11% E

71% A

22% E




Glenn Gibson & Karla Davis

MCS Administration Team