Community Involvement

Our Community is very important to Millarville Community School. We have a “Community of Learners” that goes beyond the school, making our school and community a very exciting and important place to gather, to celebrate, learn, and continue to grow.

Millarville Community Foundation

Organizations in our community group together for the purposes of fund raising. These efforts support projects in each of the organizations, and jointly where they benefit “Our Children , in Our Community”.
Members of the Millarville Community Foundation:

  • Millarville Community School
  • Millarville Sports Association
  • Millarville Community Library
  • Millarville Early Learning Society(pre-school)
  • Millarville Playschool

See below for the minutes of the meetings of the Millarville Community Foundation

Millarville Community Library

Our community library is very important to the students as well as the community as you will often see adults as well as young preschool children coming and going during the day. Watch here for future links to our community Library.

Continuing Education Programs at Millarville

Continuing Education has a place at Millarville Community School as well. Watch here for future links to these programs.