Welcome to Grade 3! 

Current Unit of Inquiry:
How the World Works

Central Idea: Humans respond to the constantly changing planet. 

Lines of Inquiry:
- Earth's surface and composition
- Geology's impact on society
- classification systems

Key Concepts: function, change, causation
Learner Profile: knowledgeable, inquirer, balanced


Resources & Websites to Access at Home

MCS Grade 3 Year Plan 2018- 2019
MCS Grade 3 PYP Programme of Inquiry
Math Practice Tips
Spelling Ideas to use at Home
Reading with your Child at Home
Cursive Writing 
Spelling Mistakes? 
Math: 2 Digit Addition 
Math: 2 Digit Subtraction

School and Grade 3 Student Approved Websites

Mathletics:  This is a great website!  I can monitor student use from behind the scenes and assign different challenges based on need, and what is being studied in class. Each student has their own log-in. 

Learn Alberta's Online Reference Centre:  This is an amazing resource, full of information for all subject areas and grades. Log-in information below. 

User Name: Learn
Password: 0910

Click the LA Online Reference Centre tab. The following is a list of sites we use in Grade 3.
  • Amazing Animals of the World
  • Book Flix
  • Britannica School
  • CultureGrams
  • National Geographic Kids
  • Pebble Go
  • PowerKnowledge: Earth and Space Science
  • PowerKnowledge: Life Science
  • True Flix

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Miss Tandee Olver