Grade 4

Welcome to grade 4

Unit of Inquiry

How we organize ourselves

Central Idea: Understanding the value of currency can lead to good financial management

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Base ten as a foundation for currency
  • How money systems were developed over time
  • How money is representative of a country's identity

Learner Profile: Open-minded, thinker, principled

Attitudes: Curiosity, co-operation, independence

Key concepts: Change, form, responsibility


Sharing the Planet

Central Idea:Plants are important to humans and the natural world

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Plant life cycle
  • Impact of plants on humans
  • Impact of humans on plants

Learner Profile:  Caring, reflective, inquirer

Altitudes: Appreciation, respect, curiosity

Key concepts: Change, responsibility, connection


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Other Important Information

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