What is agency in the PYP?

What is agency in the PYP? 

Agency is the power to take meaningful and intentional action, and supports voice, choice and ownership for students, teachers and the wider learning community. 

Students with agency: 

  • have voice, choice and ownership; and a propensity to take action 
  • influence and direct learning 
  • contribute to and participate in the learning community.

 If you were to examine Learner Agency in a school you might see learners:

 are actively engaged in various stages of learning, including: thinking about, planning, modifying, and creating

  • are actively involved in discussion, questioning and by being self-directed in their creating (as opposed to passive receiving)
  • apply their understanding of concepts through the construction of their projects/play
  • make connections to the real world by taking past experiences into their play worlds
  • have an active voice and stake in the classroom/community
  • face challenges and are given the freedom to independently overcome these or fail through trial and error or experimentation
  • are risk-takers
  • express their theories of the world and these are honoured in the environment
  • reflect on their actions and self-regulate.