Entrepreneurial Studies Surveys

CTF - Entrepreneurial Studies 

(CTF = Career and Technology Foundations)

Our grade 7/8 students participating in Entrepreneurial Studies are looking for information regarding setting up and running businesses in the area.  As part of their development stage, we have been discussing the importance of understanding your clients through surveys and focus groups. No private or personal information is collected through these surveys and feel free to respond to as many as you like.  Some of these concepts are more suitable for parents input, others for kids, so feel free to respond with your child as well.  Businesses that carry forward will be run as a culmination of their efforts later this year.  If you have a few minutes, please take one of the surveys below to give them some advice.  

In addition, if you feel you might be interested in working with our young entrepreneurs on understanding any aspect of building or running a business, please contact Mr. Gibson and we can arrange a visit. 


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