Community Education Service

Community Education Service: Upcoming sessions March 2019

CES sessions are FREE and OPEN TO ALL ADULTS (unless otherwise indicated).  Limited childcare is available for morning sessions held at the Alberta Children’s Hospital.  Please call 403 955 2500 at least 3 days prior to the session to reserve a childcare spot.  It is recommended not to bring children to CES sessions, unless indicated otherwise.  Courses with low registration may be cancelled.

March 6: Helping Teens Diagnosed with ADD/ADHD Discover strategies and skills for parents and caregivers of teens with ADD and ADHD.

March 7 ‘The Core Story Of Infant Mental Health’  Learn: what infant mental health is, how it unfolds, and how the emotional well-being of very young children can be derailed, what can parents do to support healthy attachments and brain development in their infants and toddlers, how the young child’s brain is shaped by experiences, how relationships help children learn how to regulate their emotions, attention and behavior.

March 7 Digital Dangers - With the rapid growth of technology and innovative new methods for communication, it has become an increasing challenge for parents and professionals to implement preventative strategies and effective intervention methods. In this session learn about cyberbullying and the law, dangers of social media, digital safety, sexting and internet luring and netiquette.