Community Education Service

Community Education Service

These January 2019 CES sessions and registration are found at http://community.hmhc.ca/newsletter/Jan2019news.html  

Schizophrenia Society of Alberta- Community Education Presentation

Taming Anxiety Gremlins

Recorded Sessions are:

Music Therapy and Early Childhood Development

Adolescent Dating Violence: Prevalence, Correlates, Outcomes and Prevention                           

Not falling through the cracks - How Psychoeducational Assessments can help Foster Success!

Videogaming and Youth

Laugh Until it Helps: Building Resilience through Humour and Laughter

Marijuana and Development of the Brain                                                                                     

Disability Tax Credit and RDSP Workshop

Identifying Youth at Risk of Psychosis

Speaking OUT: A Special Report on LGBTQ2S+ Young People in the Child Welfare and Youth Justice Systems

Restricted Interests in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): How do they engage the brain?

An Overview of Inclusive Post-Secondary Education (IPSE): Promoting Higher Learning for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Collaborative Problem Solving Approach for Children, Youth and Families

Youth Bullying & Discrimination: Let's Make it Stop

Community Education Service

Child and Adolescent Addiction, Mental Health and Psychiatry Program (CAAMHPP)

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Website: http://community.hmhc.ca/

Twitter:    https://twitter.com/CES_AHS

Thank you for your ongoing interest and support of our program. Please share our homepage link with anyone you feel would benefit from CES' programming. http://community.hmhc.ca/

CES sessions are FREE and OPEN TO ALL ADULTS (unless otherwise indicated).

Limited childcare is available for morning sessions held at the Alberta Children’s Hospital.
Please call 403 955 2500 at least 3 days prior to the session to reserve a childcare spot.

It is recommended not to bring children to CES sessions, unless indicated otherwise.  Courses with low registration may be cancelled.**