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Home Resources For Parents

At times, parents may feel a bit lost about what a child might need ... Imagine what it might be like if you were able to make sense of what your child was really asking from you.

The Circle of Security® Parenting™ program is based on decades of research about how secure parent-child relationships can be supported and strengthened.

The COS-P model was developed to support parents and care-givers to help them to:

•   Understand their child’s emotional world by learning a range of emotional needs

•   Support their child’s ability to successfully manage emotions

•   Enhance the development of a child's self- confidence and esteem

•   Honor the innate wisdom and desire for a child to be securely attached to an adultle lives.

You can use this site https://www.circleofsecurityinternational.com/  to more fully discover how important attachment and security are to each of us throughout life, regardless of our age.

‘Circle of Security’ https://vimeo.com/122770192 - 4min

‘Being With’  https://vimeo.com/145329119 - 4 min

‘Connection’ - https://vimeo.com/147759926 - 3 min