As you are likely aware, community fundraising is what makes many of the community programs that make Millarville such a great place to live possible.

Casino shifts contribute a large portion of our total fundraising efforts.  As luck would have it, this year, the Millarville Sports Association (MSA) and Millarville Community Foundation (MCF) were granted 2-day casino shifts on back-to-back days - we must therefore fill a volunteer roster for May 9, 10, 11 & 12, 2019. 

The MSA offers kids rec. league hockey, soccer and baseball in a very affordable and friendly community atmosphere, maintains the community ice rink and rancher's hall facility and helps maintain the baseball diamonds. 

The MCF is a fundraising society which provides money to the Millarville school (helps keep field trips and school programs affordable), MSA, Millarville early learning society (playschool & playgroup), and the Community Library. 

Without this fundraising the programs offered by these groups could not exist (at least as we know them).  If you benefit from any of these groups, please consider volunteering for one of the casino shifts in May.  Click the following link to volunteer:

Millarville Casino Fundraiser volunteer sign-up (2019)

  •         Remember, the earlier you sign up, the better chance that the shift you find most convenient will be available to you!
  •         Some positions are marked as "optional".  Please fill these positions LAST.  All other positions MUST be filled to meet our volunteer obligations. 
  •         Anyone who is willing to volunteer but does not wish to show their information on the online spreadsheet can simply mark the position of their choice as "Taken" and the phone number as "private", then phone or e-mail one of the contacts listed at the bottom of this message to provide your information.  We will be maintaining an independent list, not accessible to the public, however please be aware that this list, with complete contact info MUST be provided to the Century Casino prior to our casino dates. 



  •         gambling is illegal in Alberta UNLESS the casino is operated by a registered charity or non-profit community program, who must receive a percentage of the proceeds
  •         The Millarville community school, MSA and MCF are each offered a casino shift once every 2 years (on average)
  •         casino profits are pooled over a 3-month period and divided evenly between all charities that operated at that casino over the pooling period (eliminating the possibility of an unusually low profit on any particular shift)
  •         the typical revenue generated for the charity from a 2-day event at Century Casino is $40,000.00  (This means that EACH PERSON who contributes 1 shift from the attached schedule is actually contributing $1000-$1200 to the community
  •         That means that for 4 days of volunteering, our community will receive roughly an $80,000.00 injection of funding.  No other method of fundraising can even come close to raising this kind of money, in so short of time, with so little effort
  •         If we fail to fill all required positions (including the 3 backup "on-call" positions), the casino is not legally allowed to operate.  If that happens, the AGLCC will remove us from their list, and we will not be eligible for any future casino fundraising. 
  •         While there's no drinking or gaming allowed while on your volunteer shift, it is an enjoyable night, where you will have the opportunity to socialize with other community members and receive a free meal and snacks.  If you've never volunteered for these before, give it a try - it's a lot of fun! 


If you have any questions about this volunteer opportunity, please contact either:

Troy Motz - casino chairperson (MCF):  (403)931-7070  or troy.motz@all-can.com

Allison Baker - president (MCF):  (403)931-2991  or priddisgirl@gmail.com

Bryan Pederson - president (MSA):  bryan.pederson@amalto.com